HK Car Tax (First Registration Tax)





In Hong Kong, there is no any import duty/VAT/Tax/GST for imported cars. However, if imported vehicle are going to be FIRSTLY registered in HK, vehicle tax should be paid – that is what we call “ first registration tax”



How HK Customs Evaluates First Registration Tax





The HK customs evaluate the vehicle tax based on the” total cost of car import”, 

only if they are happy with your figures. The total cost normally includes



1) car price (excluding VAT/TAX/ DUTY) after qualified depreciation

2) freight charge

3) marine insurance ( if any)

4) terminal handling charge

5) cargo unpacked fee

6) other associated fees

7) repair charge ( if any)




( duty/tax/VAT from export country for car price or freight charge,etc, will not be counted as a part of total cost. For example, if a person bought a car with GBP 10,000 + VAT GBP 1,500 in UK, when he imports the car into HK, only GBP 10,000 will be regarded as car price by HK customs, but not GBP 11,500)








B) Exchange Rates

When HK customs evaluates the car tax, they will turn all the foreign currency(e.g. car price, freight charge, marine insurance, etc) into HKD to get the total cost in HKD as unit. The exchange rate they use will be the rate on “ship arrival date in HK”. (They will use the selling price of currency rate from HK associations of Banks.)






C) Car Tax Depreciation

For vehicles registered under your name in the exported country, you can be entitled to depreciation of the vehicle purchase price in respect of first registration tax (25% per annum on a reducing balance basis). The tax depreciation allowed is based on the period/ difference between the date of registration under your name in exported country and the date of vehicle importation to HK.




Nonetheless, it is just some basic rules about the HK vehicle tax,please contact us for more accurate car tax evaluation!

( Indeed it is quite complicated for individuals / inexperienced people to estimated car tax correctly!)



For details, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US 


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