Atlantis Motors Consulting (HK) Limited (“Atlantis Motors”) is the FIRST motor consulting company based in Hong Kong, specializing in vehicles licensing, imports and exports.


Our staffs are experts in motor field. We are all proud of providing comprehensive and high quality services that makes our valuable customers rest assured.


Our mission - “ DRIVE WHERE YOU LOVE”







All import/export cars are case by case meaning the procedures of different cars might not be the same. Our the most valued service is that we can give some consultations on whether the cars can be registered in HK/overseas or not, what our clients should be noticed specifically, how to legally save their money as much as possible( for instance, import tax,duties, vehicle expenditures, etc) and how to get the car registered as quick as possible– to come up with the most suitable and tailor made solutions to them.


Professional consultations can greatest reduce your losses ( how to minimize the expenditures and first reg tax legally), provide you with an accurate path to register and enjoy the car asap to save your time( some of our clients hate to handle lots of paperwork and don’t know how to handle it) , make the whole process to be proceeded smoothly meaning no need to worry about car registration & licensing and you just need to provide the documents – the car will then be ready on the road for your driving. You will also clearly know how much you need to pay for the total costs and how long you will expect the car ready on the road


Some service providers simply handle the cars like a robot with higher handling charge – it means they might not give you any professional consultations, indeed you need. Nonetheless, their handling fee is much expensive than that of Atlantis. – You don’t have the idea about how much you need to pay for the total costs. When you know it, it will make you shocked since you would have not had such idea. They might also not tell you any special attention that should be made in terms of documentations, special arrangements and car inspections. It might result in a big delay on car registration and spending you more expenditures, which in fact can be prevented. The worst situation is some cars cannot be registered in HK/overseas but the service providers do not tell you about this. You will only realize it finally when the car arrives in HK/overseas, which will greatly waste your precious time and money for car purchase, shipment and other costs.


Hence, experienced service provider providing professional consultations is significantly important!