Are you going to export your used cars from Hong Kong (HK) to overseas? thinking handling vehicle licensing and registration in destination country is very trouble? Don’t know the procedures of it? Have no experience and time to handle it yourself? Seeking for a solution how to save your time and money greatly to get the car registered in overseas asap?


If you are thinking about that, you can consider Atlantis car export service which can fulfill and achieve the above goals.


Motor vehicle exports from Hong Kong (HK) through Atlantis means a way that you just need to provide necessary documents and wait. Normally, after 3-4 months, your car will be ready on the road in destination country for your driving. You don’t need to do and worry about anything, just wait – the car will then be ready, but the costs are much cheaper and lower and your time will be saved!










All export cars are case by case meaning the procedures & formality of different cars might not be the same. Our the most valued service is that we can give some consultations on whether the car can be registered overseas or not, what our clients should be noticed specifically, how to legally save their money as much as possible (for instance, import duties, tax, vehicle expenditures , etc.) and how to get the car registered overseas as quick as possible  – to come up with the most suitable and tailor made solutions to them.


Professional consultations can greatest reduce your losses ( how to minimize the expenditures ,tax and duties legally), provide you with an accurate path to register the car asap, make the whole process to be proceeded smoothly meaning no need to worry about car customs clearance, registration & licensing and you just need to provide the documents – the car will then be ready on the road for your driving. You will also clearly know how much you need to pay for the total costs and how long you will expect the car ready on the road.


Some competitors simply handle the cars like a robot with higher handling charge – it means they might not give you any professional consultations, indeed you need(they ship cars only as shipping agents, which means you don’t know whether the car can be registered overseas or not until cars arrive overseas). Nonetheless, their handling fee is much expensive than that of Atlantis. – You don’t have the idea about how much you need to pay for the total costs. When you know it, it will make you shocked since you would have not had such idea. They might also not tell you any special attention that should be made in terms of documentations, special arrangements and car inspections. It might result in a big delay on car registration and spending you more expenditures, which in fact can be prevented. The worst situation is some cars cannot be registered overseas but the competitors do not tell you about this. You will only realize it finally when the car arrives in overseas, which will greatly waste your precious time and money for car purchase, shipment and other costs.


Hence, experienced service provider providing professional consultations is significantly important!


Compared with what you can and will gain from Atlantis (e.g. to save your precious time & money and to prevent your loss in terms of time & money greatly) , you will find that Atlantis is very helpful.


For details, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US 






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Car Export Hong Kong

Atlantis Motors Consulting (HK) Limited (“Atlantis Motors”) aims to be the leader of car export from Hong Kong to overseas.

Car export from Hong Kong is hassle-free. With Atlantis Motors, you can export your car from Hong Kong safely. We ensure fast transportation times and secure arrival of your car at  destination.

Atlantis Motors staff will load your car into a safe and secure container. Our car export from Hong Kong service provides a car report, deals with paperwork and assists with overseas country regulations

Car relocation is not just talking about opening container doors, driving cars into it and closing the doors. It is not a profession car transport. Car moving has to be done professionally with special techniques to ensure the safety of vehicle transport. With Atlantis, we ensure the vehicle moving safely and smoothly. In addition to vehicle relocation, there are lots of preparation to be done behind indeed, inclusive of paperwork.

Some service providers do vehicle relocation, like household goods. Indeed, doing car relocation is not as simple as shipping household goods. Sometimes, cars is just like masterpieces, especially classic cars, we have to handle the car transport carefully. If we just treat it like household goods, the vehicle transport will not be handled correctly. Hence, when it comes to car moving, we have to choose a right and professional service provider, to ensure the vehicle moving can be done properly and professionally

Improper securing and preparation with the car relocation will result in damage to the car. When car owners open the container at destination, they will find the cars damaged, which can be avoided. Professional vehicle relocation is talking about the condition of the car in destination country is the same as that when the car is handed over in origin country. that is what car transport should be. Some service providers ship general goods only ,but not focusing on vehicle transport. They just treat car moving as household goods moving, but vehicle moving is a professional job.

We provide the car export from Hong Kong service fulfilling your needs, whatever your requirements are we will try our best to combat it. You choose the departure time and have peace of mind that there are no hidden fees. "